What does Age have to do with memory?

Cognitive processes such as attention, processing speed, cognitive flexibilty and abstract reasoning can be challenged  as we age.These processes surport memory, leading to challenges in recall. Certain cognitive skills are well retained or improve with age, such as fund of knowledge, verbal skills and deductive reasoning-read wisdom!


True or False? Memory loss is a fact of later life- at some point everyone starts to forget thingd.

FALSE:The ability to learn and remember does not have an expiration date!Serious memory loss is not an inevitable consquence of aging, it is the result of disease.Anyone at any age, can learn to rev up their memory.


“Memory: Fact or fiction” game

1.Fact or fiction?: I can train my brain to never forget anything again!

Fiction:Forgeting is part of being human.Even memory experts forget!Better memory habbits will greatly improve your retention, but perfect recall is for computers, not people.

2.Fact or fiction? There is no getting around it:Iam bound to loose my memory when i get older.

Fiction:Age increases your risk for developing a serious mental disorder, but it is not inevitable.Research suggests that how we live can significantly impact how we age, and our vulnerability to diseases of memory.

Petero wamala is aRetirement plan specialist and cognitive coach for seniors.peterowamala62@gmail.com http://www.retiringyou.wordpress.com

Brain training made easy!

While certain cognitive skills improve with age,others such as attention, speed of performance and memory are more challenged.Research shows that continuing to challenge those skills helps us to better maintain them.Timed brain training exercises offer opportunities to sharpen the skills that can erode with age.

Read through the list below ,to help you think about which intellectualy engaging activities you would like to try to keep your brains sharp.

.Crocheting   .Learning to play a musical instrument .Yoga  .Writing poetry    .Knitting  .Photography   .Jogging   .Playing Chess  .Painting   .Drawing   .Reading classic books  .Learning a new language  .Joining a singing group

Petero wamala is a Retirement specialist and cognitive coach for seniors.www.retiringyou.net


Brain training: your route to mastery!

Could you beat Einsten’s genuis brain?In 1953, the pathologist at Albert Einsten’s autopsy,removed the great scientist’s brain,to see if he could find any physiological differences between Einsten’s brain and that of a “normal” person.Twenty years later,a neuro anatomist called Dr Diamond got hold of Einsten’s brain and made an astounding finding.Whereas the greater part of Einsten’s brain was just the same as for normal people,there were significantly more glial cells in the left parietal lobe of the brain.The more the glial cells, the faster and more efficiently information will travel throughout the brain, making them an indicator of potential brain power, than the actual size of the brain or the number of neurons it contains, which are predetermined at birth.

Unlike neurons which die off over time, glial cells can actualy increase in quantity throughout your lifespan.Revolutionary finding! Why? Even in your senior years, your brain is still generating new glial cells.How does the brain get activated to produce even more glial cells? Brain fitness exercises/ brain training.Let me repeat that.Mental fitness workouts will lead to increased production of glial cells, which are the source of potential brain power.When you think of looking after your brain, the same logic you use for looking after your body applies: Use it or loose it! You exercise your body for optimal body function.Similary exercise your brain for optimal brain function.

The brain will change and adapt to specific challenges, in the same way muscles in the body will strengthen and develope through exercise and athletic pursuits.Some brain training activities are much more effective than others, in engaging the brain and keeping it sharp.Back to Einsten.want a brain comparable to that of Einsten? Want your brain to be the best it can be?Brain fitness workouts are the way to go.

Petero wamala is a Retirement plan specialist and cognitive coach.www.retiringyou.net

Are you too old to start brain fitness training?

Are you too old to start brain fitness training?

” The fountain of your youth is between your ears.It is your brain that makes the bad decisions that ruin your health and send you off to the grave early.If you want to live a long and healthy life, the first place to start is your brain,” Dr Daniel Amen.

Start your brain fitness workouts today It is never too late.

Petero wamala is a Retirement plan specialist and cognitive coach.www.retiringyou.net

The secret of brain training!

This is the secret of brain training.Most brains can be trained like any other part of the body.And trained without using drugs, a diagnosis or complicated procedures.In a short period like a month, devoting about six dedicated hours per week, lasting changes can be attained through brain training.These changes include how you feel, think, act and perform.Train your brain, your body will thank you for it.

Petero wamala is a Retirement plan specialist and Cognitive coach.www.retiringyou.net

Change your Brain!

Let me challenge you!Today you can begin to change your brain to be more productive, peacefull, happier and at your service grey matter.


1.By a change in the things you view or read, and things that surround you in general.

2.Changing within: changing your thoughts and or resolve to try out new things.If you are right handed, trying doing things with your left hand.Take a new route to work.Climb the stairs backwards! Get in the habbit of counting numbers backward 25…24….23…22….!

3.By what you feed the brain: medication, supplemenration, nutrition and physical exercise.

Master your brain and master your life.

Petero wamala is a Retirement plan specialist and cognitive coach for seniors.Peterowamala62@gmail.com